Introducing a new paradigm

for leadership thinking, business skills and team processes.

Callie is about survival. tracking. progress.

Callie's superb skills of survival and tracking - honed and mastered in the African wilderness - identifies him as a facilitator of strategic and leadership thinking, business skills and team processes par excellence.

Noted as a truly Inspirational Speaker whose deep insight into personal and business issues provokes strength and motivation to overcome personal and inter-personal hurdles, his ongoing success elevates him to the status of spiritual guide in the eyes of many people from job seekers to business leaders alike.

Having courageously left an eminent career in the South African military as a Special Forces soldier and Senior Military Staff Officer to assume his responsibility in the process of re-building the South African nation in both mind and spirit, Callie integrated and mastered the art of soldiering with his love and passion for nature.

And this is where his passion to advance organisations and individuals begins with the ‘OnTrack Advance' intervention in unfenced, Big Five country as an unrivalled experience! Hundreds of senior business teams can already affirm that learning the ancient art of tracking and exploring the fundamental principles of an open system are intensely thrilling and promotes a deep revival of the spirit as they are expertly guided through a close encounter with their own most primitive roots!

Callie has become known for his authentic approach and deemed as a rescuer on life and business strategies.

"Callie Roos is one of the most integrated human beings you will ever meet in your entire life." Jacques de Villiers, President of the Professional Speakers Association in South Africa