The African Buffalo

How discovering the essence of humanity can change your life today.

A Future with Purpose

The outcome of this keynote is a discovery of what define us as human beings and not only doers. Point is you have one life to break out of the 'do-er cycle' and that has become almost impossible. Often when you discover the importance of this alternative to become the being it is too late and that is why this keynote is so important right now. There is no tomorrow or future worth fighting for if you do not embrace the African Buffalo story right now in your personal life.

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Why would we ever want to learn from the animal kingdom if we deem ourselves at the top of the food chain? For most, the mental processes and current framing is just too powerful and reinforced to change, but for many, a lesson can be learned from the most profound experiences with the African Buffalo.

While these creatures display their significance by simply being who they are, why then is it so challenging for humans to follow suit as a 'superior species'? Our task is therefore to become true to ourselves and what it means to ordinary people throughout the world.

"Once again thank you for this session, if I had to summarize, Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! Best Regards, and I hope that we can work alongside you again in the near future." Johan Wepener, General Manager, Waterberg Operations, Exxaro Coal

What can you expect?

Some keynotes rely heavily on distribution of material, books and videos, but in all of Callie's keynotes, the story itself it where the true value lies. Below please see a brief overview of keynote details and what you can expect:

  • A 50-90 minute keynote at your office or conference venue.
  • Authentic storytelling 'par excellence' leaving individuals with reflections that will sustain lasting impact.
  • Spur new thinking and change in your organisation where it matters.
  • Cost of Keynote: R15 000 excl. VAT and travel expenses.
  • Special packages available when booking 3 or more keynotes.