African Tracker

Basic key principles that can simplify life dramatically.

I am On Track

The outcome of this keynote is people getting back 'on track' where they start to redefine success, stop wasting time and energy and start to trust what is intuitively already on the inside waiting to be explored. Never has anyone left this keynote untouched on how simple life can be if only I apply these principles.

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What does "On Purpose" mean to you? This journey kicks off with a life-changing and entertaining address aimed at becoming "on purpose". Purpose is the driving force behind a life with meaning and significance and if ignored, it is unlikely that any external success will ever consider you complete.

By making use of the five principles of tracking in the African wilderness, Callie's metaphor illustrates how the balance, the 'here and now' can be implemented onto your life's journey. All you need to do, is to decide what you want to find on the other side of the horizon!

"I have seen and experienced some of the top Speakers from around the world, but Callie Roos is head above shoulders to many ... he is a master story teller ... weaves it with humour and great application for both business and personal ... He's the New Breed of Keynoter of Keynoters ... exhilarating, powerful, insightful, humorous ... it is Hollywood combined with Tom Peters ... a must have for your conference." Billy Selekane (NSASA President 2006-2007)

What can you expect?

Some keynotes rely heavily on distribution of material, books and videos, but in all of Callie's keynotes, the story itself it where the true value lies. Below please see a brief overview of keynote details and what you can expect:

  • A 50-90 minute keynote at your office or conference venue.
  • Authentic storytelling 'par excellence' leaving individuals with reflections that will sustain lasting impact.
  • Spur new thinking and change in your organisation where it matters.
  • Cost of Keynote: R15 000 excl. VAT and travel expenses.
  • Special packages available when booking 3 or more keynotes.