Truly understanding that anything is possible!

A Simple Science

This keynote is about the outcome of a clear understanding that if a life of true significance is indeed possible, then it can't be that difficult to pursue. You will see for the first time how simple it can be and you can do it yourself! A very simple science within your control to implement!

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Business and life are meant to be meaningful and unique. For the business leader who wants his people to believe that anything is possible, Callie's take on the simple science will illustrate that the principles of significance is equally true for all people. Regardless of your culture, background and environment, how you think of your life's journey will be completely altered as well as the belief that it can be done in a single lifetime.

"Callie Roos is recognised as one of the great keynote speakers in South Africa. His uniqueness lies in a mixture of life experiences and personal successes. The blend of understanding nature from a survival and tracking perspective, his experience as a Special Forces Soldier and his role as a spiritual guide to many, makes him a powerful motivational speaker. Another South African keynote speaker who made us proud of our country. This speaker left me with tears in my eyes - and I don't often do that!" National Speakers Association of South Africa, Convention 2007

What can you expect?

Some keynotes rely heavily on distribution of material, books and videos, but in all of Callie's keynotes, the story itself it where the true value lies. Below please see a brief overview of keynote details and what you can expect:

  • A 50-90 minute keynote at your office or conference venue.
  • Authentic storytelling 'par excellence' leaving individuals with reflections that will sustain lasting impact.
  • Spur new thinking and change in your organisation where it matters.
  • Cost of Keynote: R15 000 excl. VAT and travel expenses.
  • Special packages available when booking 3 or more keynotes.