Evolution from basic survival to extreme prosperity.

Principles from the African Wilderness

We were all brought up with education and trained to value scarcity as a key to our success. The paradox in this story from survival is that your current mental frame is the reason for your downfall and the potential failure of the business as a whole. This needs to change and it will. There are many witnesses that will explain how this great survival story has turned their business around but also their personal lives. Even communities, schools and religious institutions has changed their total strategy based on this story.

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What are the fundamental laws that need mastering to move beyond a merely basic survival? How do we come to understand the value of the "other" in your team? How does one experience connecting to others, abundance, peace, synergy and momentum? Drawing from his experience of survival in the African wild, Callie teaches you how to thrive by applying his principles to achieve flow in the everyday "urban jungle".

Thank you so very much - it was excellent "bonding" and capacity building initiatives/ideas and your method of facilitation and feedback, - excellent way of doing what you all specialize in and do so very well, excellent, excellent, Excellent!!! You give us hope for our future and you really make a difference at ASA!! - we could not have asked for better!!! Jolandi Steyn, HRD Training Practitioner/SDF, ASA METALS

What can you expect?

Some keynotes rely heavily on distribution of material, books and videos, but in all of Callie's keynotes, the story itself it where the true value lies. Below please see a brief overview of keynote details and what you can expect:

  • A 50-90 minute keynote at your office or conference venue.
  • Authentic storytelling 'par excellence' leaving individuals with reflections that will sustain lasting impact.
  • Spur new thinking and change in your organisation where it matters.
  • Cost of Keynote: R15 000 excl. VAT and travel expenses.
  • Special packages available when booking 3 or more keynotes.