Changing a world of instant gratification.

The intelligence of possibility

The outcome of this keynote creates realisation that we are all stuck in a taker-world defined by consumerism, quick fixes, instant wealth and our drive for more. But is it possible to turn this around still in our lifetime? The answer might be "no". But what if you can do it for yourself and those around you still? What impact will it have? But more important you will never look at this planet and your role in it the same again? This keynote will help you to re-create what was meant to be, which become the highest level of personal fulfilment in this life.

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In our determination to obtain control, wealth and power, mankind created a jail filled with a community of consumers. It never shares, has no creativity and lacks the ability to identify when enough is enough. We have become Takers. We progressively limit our world and horizons. But what if the boundaries created in life are mere mirages?

You can break these barriers by learning how to recognize the bars of imprisonment and breaking down the mental frames that labels you as a taker. This keynote is designed to help you see the big picture and the limitless possibilities it has to offer.

"Thanks as always for continuing to make such a difference in my life and those of people you work with. This doesn't happen often to me that an individual brings such meaningful focus the way you do. People have become cheap and you are not. Thanks for this Callie. Stories like these are to be shared and realized by as many of us as possible. I hear you and will think about it and share as much as possible. Thank you." Nombasa Tsengwa, HQP Coal(Exxaro)

What can you expect?

Some keynotes rely heavily on distribution of material, books and videos, but in all of Callie's keynotes, the story itself it where the true value lies. Below please see a brief overview of keynote details and what you can expect:

  • A 50-90 minute keynote at your office or conference venue.
  • Authentic storytelling 'par excellence' leaving individuals with reflections that will sustain lasting impact.
  • Spur new thinking and change in your organisation where it matters.
  • Cost of Keynote: R15 000 excl. VAT and travel expenses.
  • Special packages available when booking 3 or more keynotes.