New insights through reframing

Once you see differently, returning to old habits becomes obsolete.

On Track Advance

First we need to challenge the current mental frames of any leader or organization and expose or renew their underlying beliefs. For this to happen we create provoking experiences that allows for true reflection, understanding and new insight. Only then, through a process of intrinsic reframing, we will allow for alternatives to be explored. Then we 'play' to the point that these new insights become the alternative pathway through a process of hard wiring. We believe that once leaders see differently, they will never have to go back to their old ways again.

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This challenging reframing part of the Avanza journey is an African Wilderness experience where the Business Dynamics change through nature. This business breakthrough connects people and passion through the symbiotic relationships between mankind and nature's environment. You will hands-on experience the principles that define an open system and why it works in nature. It also defines business of the future.

This is by far the most provoking life changing experience with sustainable impact on your team to excel in business. The outcome is the intrinsic reframing of mental models. One such an experience in the African Wilderness can transform everything.

"he time spent in the veld and the lessons learnt was a soul enriching experience. The moment when I stood 25 yards from the lionesses, full of excitement but with no fear, I realized that the reason for the fearlessness was because I was not alone. Relating the incident back to real life, it implies that one will always draw strength from the presence of colleagues and family members ... every activity could be related to business principles." Martin van Rensburg, , OPSCO Team Mponeng Gold Mine, AngloGold Ashanti

Key Aspects of the On Track African Wildlife Experience

The On Track African Wildlife experience has been completed by many companies who will all offer testimony to an unparalleled awakening. But now that you know what the experience is about, here are some key aspect and facts:

  • Guests explore one of our open system big five game reserves.
  • We make use of five-star facilities with excellent catering options. Such accommodation is often referred to as primitive excellence and it is the preferred experience by all international guests when they visit Africa on Safari.
  • The intervention is ideally a four day three night experience. This could include weekdays or weekends, but advanced booking is essential.
  • Our field guides and trackers are the best Africa has to offer. There are only seven scout qualified guides / trackers in Africa and five of them have been part of our process.
  • Most of the time is spent out in the open exploring the amazing intricacies of the open system. This is experienced through game drives, field walks and river bed conversations - all within the parameters of safety and the physical ability of the group. It is important to note that Callie and his team have completed approximately 1200 man days of exploring with guests of many different cultures without a single incident of injury or discomfort by any of our quests.
  • The ideal group size is between 6 and 16 people. More people can be accommodated, however that would imply additional guides and vehicles.
  • Quotations can be supplied on request and costs are dependent on group size and requirements.

"Just some feedback on the visit this week to Timbavati. Firstly, it is the first time in the 26 years that I've been employed with this company that an initiative of this nature has been attempted. I personally found it to be a most rewarding experience not only because of the wonderful sight seeing and game viewing experience but the interactions we had as a team when we performed the various exercises. There was a lot of honest debate over issues around our discipline and doing this in the beauty of Timbavarti just made it more of a worthwhile experience. Being away from the normal work situation just helped to relax and make special the whole occasion. There were many issues taught by Callie and the way he related them to the work / home situation was well explained. I personally enjoyed the 5 principles of tracking and could easily relate to how this can be applied both at home and in the work situation. It was an education for me to understand and see more of what happens in the veldt and having such knowledgeable guides made the whole experience a most pleasurable one. I left Timbavarti with fond memories as well as the many principles we learnt. Once again a big thank you from me in organizing such an experience and I'd like to leave you with a few pictures that I've attached." Geoff Pollock, AngloGold Ashanti