Creating leaders in command, not demand.

Command through independent thinking and letting go.

On Track Leaders

A fine line exists between a demanding and commanding leader. The need for control produces a demanding individual, which can result in a taxing workplace environment, ultimately affecting a company’s success negatively.

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As a third phase, we know that only being in control is not great leadership. The need for control produces a demanding individual, which can result in a taxing workplace environment, ultimately affecting a company's success negatively. For us, to lead means to be in command more than anything else.

This in command is defined by:

- How we allow for the freedom of ideas to flow.
- How we build the trust in others to explore and discover.
- How we raise the confidence of others by walking away.
- How we end up becoming trustworthy ourselves.

For this we are authentic, genuine and true to ourselves. We play where we are good at and in doing so become part of the rhythm or music that we so desperately need in our societies or businesses.

The leader in command has a strong self with clear direction, a spirit of calmness and an intuitive skill to trust what is already there and waiting to be discovered. Neither knowing nor being in control is what defines them. This is what it means to be in command and this is ultimately what defines a leader in command in the Avanza journey.

Leaders in Command Experience - Demand or Command?

In the Command experience we unleash the potential within individual leaders to want to lead their world and context from the front with confidence, high levels of assertiveness, commitment and the tenacity to sustain results.

A fine line exists between a demanding and commanding leader. The outcome in this experience is a leader that is 'in command'!

"This is a note that reflects the work that Callie has done for me and the organization that I have been responsible for the SA Operations for Anglogold Ashanti, employing 36 000 people and producing between 55 and 65 tons of gold. 'People are the Business' and 'Our Business is People'. This is reflected in our value statement of six values. 1. Safety is our first value 2. Dignity and Respect 3. Diversity Recognition 4. Accountability and Responsibility 5. Community benefit for us being there and 6. The legacy we leave in terms of the environment. This would only be realized if we really care about the people that serve and walk in this great company with a vision to be the leading mining company. Callie has helped me personally to create a personal calmness and an approach of how we treat and operate in our personal circle of influence. Callie has through his background and life experience helped me design a care model that joint engagement at different levels and that without losing the golden thread of care. This programme and way we have lived our lives have created significant changes in personal and operational performance. We were able to do this through creating experiences outside the traditional training room and by using the natural resources to our benefit. We got levels of learning previously unknown to the organization as a whole. This has been a result that we could have dialogue throughout the organization. This means that people could talk on any topic in such a way that they would be better off for just being together. It has assisted the team to make performance management real." Johan Viljoen, Senior Vice President SH&E and Sustainable Development

Key Aspects of the On Track African Wildlife Experience

The On Track African Wildlife experience has been completed by many companies who will all offer testimony to an unparalleled awakening. But now that you know what the experience is about, here are some key aspect and facts:

  • Guests explore one of our open system big five game reserves.
  • We make use of five-star facilities with excellent catering options. Such accommodation is often referred to as primitive excellence and it is the preferred experience by all international guests when they visit Africa on Safari.
  • The intervention is ideally a four day three night experience. This could include weekdays or weekends, but advanced booking is essential.
  • Our field guides and trackers are the best Africa has to offer. There are only seven scout qualified guides / trackers in Africa and five of them have been part of our process.
  • Most of the time is spent out in the open exploring the amazing intricacies of the open system. This is experienced through game drives, field walks and river bed conversations - all within the parameters of safety and the physical ability of the group. It is important to note that Callie and his team have completed approximately 1200 man days of exploring with guests of many different cultures without a single incident of injury or discomfort by any of our quests.
  • The ideal group size is between 6 and 16 people. More people can be accommodated, however that would imply additional guides and vehicles.
  • Quotations can be supplied on request and costs are dependent on group size and requirements.

"Callie Roos' unique team building programs are highly interactive, essentially you find yourself wanting to contribute and take part to the greater good of the team. Callie Roos' strength as a facilitator lies in his ability to get you as the manager into the game to be able to first hand impart your unique knowledge to the greater company in a way that a higher level of understanding is achieved. A journey with Callie, although destination known normally goes further, for as people rediscover their creativity and ingenuity during the process they normally strive for more." Richard Brokken, VP: Planning, Business Planning, South Africa Region Anglo Gold Ashanti