Photo Gallery

Moments in the Avanza journey.

Photos and videos are a modern necessity to illustrate almost anything. But neither photos or videos can convey the moment when a person realises how easy it is to adjust their lives into significance. That moment where awareness is realised and potential is clear as water. Yet, our beautiful surroundings during the Avanza experiences is something to behold. These are some photos of experiences and moments in time.

A Recap on what we do

We transform businesses and their leaders for advanced performance by challenging current mental frames and replacing these with alternatives. We energize businesses, leaders and workforce for sustainable performance. Then we get leaders to want to ADVANCE!

The Avanza journey will redefine your current business successes to become more significant. This implies new thinking or mental models that is clear on:

  • The reason for the existence of the business
  • The reasons why businesses fail and what will be fundamentally different going forward
  • The intent of leadership and what is expected
  • The leader that needs to be more agile, adaptive, responsive and fast in an unpredictable changing environment

How is this achieved?

Rather uniquely! We fuse personal experiences in nature with the business environment to illustrate the symbiotic relationship of lessons that can be implemented into a healthy workforce climate. A singular experience can transform your entire business, but for corporates who wish to delve deeper into sustainable performance, all experiences below can be implemented as a 3-phased approach: